First-year students living on campus are required to have the Ultimate Meal Plan.

Sophomores living in traditional housing are automatically assigned the Ultimate Meal plan, but may choose the 15-Flex Plan.

Juniors & Seniors living in traditional housing are automatically assigned the 10-Flex Plan, but may choose the Ultimate or 15-Flex Plan.

Students living in on-campus apartments (except First-year students) are not required to have a meal plan but have the option of purchasing any of our meal plans including the block plans.

Block Plans are ideal for commuters however you can have the option to choose from any of our meal plans.

We offer many options to meet your needs and are happy accommodate your dietary requirements. Simple Servings, located in Taylor Dining Hall, is our allergen-safe, dining option offering meals free from peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, eggs, and gluten-containing ingredients. Our monitored MyZone Allergen-friendly area in Taylor Dining Hall is equipped with dedicated appliances, toasters and microwaves so to reduce any risk of cross-contamination with Gluten, peanuts and treenuts. If you require specific accommodations, please contact us at

Unused meals, along with any unused Meal Points expire at the end of each semester.